Lineage II FTW

Scions of Destiny


This server is provided for free, without warranty, as a relic of old times.

The project

The L2FTW project aims to provide a Private Test Server (PTS) of the MMORPG Lineage II. With minimal modifications, the servers are design to reflect the state of Chronicle 4 as close as possible to it's original release.

There are no paid subscriptions, VIP accounts, RMT or donations. Playing on our servers is completely free!

We could argue about which release of Lineage II was the best. In our opinion, Lineage II took many wrong turns and we believe that Chronicle 4 was by far the best and most balanced version.

We own our hardware and are not subject to hosting fees. Therefore we also do NOT accept donations.



Experienced sysadmin/developer with many tricks up his sleeves.


Vast knowledge of game mechanics.


Sakumi \w friends <3

Old crew that spent a lot of time on the server files.


Contributed website design and various frontend features.