Lineage II FTW

Scions of Destiny


Information to get you started in no-time.


Extract the zip archive where you want the game to be and run the LineageII.exe. Our launcher will download the game for you to that location.

If you already have the LineageII C4 client installed on your computer, place the LineageII.exe and LineageII.ini in the root of your LineageII C4 folder and run LineageII.exe


If you have a slow connection and want to get started quickly, you can set optional to 0 in the LineageII.ini file. This will prevent the launcher from downloading game music and tutorial voices thus reducing the size.

Should you want the music and tutorial voice at a later time, you can set optional to 1 and run the launcher again and it will fetch those files for you.


In order to play on our server your game needs to be patched..

Option 1: Launcher (Recommended).

Option 2: System.

Drop database

Looking for a specific item ? No problem! We have our own drop calculator.