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Scions of Destiny


Frequently asked questions


Smuggler Sloth and Toki serves you with very limited basic goods. Such as basic set of consumables, 1st and 2nd class quest items and bestow your C and B-grade with SA.


General buffs, songs, dances and chants have increased duration. Certain buffs remain unchanged because they are too OP and are designed for PVP situations.

EXP/Drop/Spoil Penalty

No penalty for mobs 5 levels lower, or any level higher (green/white/yellow/pink/red). Probability drops to about 0.8x at 6 level difference (light blue), and penalty becomes huge when mobs are 7 levels lower (dark blue) or more.

Drop/Spoil Rates

Drop and spoil rates are probability (chance) and not quantity. Keep in mind that 1x 5% drop/spoil becomes 100% at 20x. On our website the drop/spoil probability is already counted in.

EXP Block

There is no way to implement experience block in native C4.

Buff slots

Buff/abnormal slots are limited to 20 and it is not possible to increase, nor do we want to, as it serves as a balance mechanic by design.

Multiple skillbar rows

It is not possible to implement in C4.

Bot/3rd party program

Not permitted. You can however use as many game clients as you wish.

Client crashes on start

Delete the lineage2 system folder and run our updater again.


Like any software, nothing is safe from bugs. If you find a bug, or have any other technical issues relating to the website, game client or server functions, please post in #bugs on discord and we will do our very best to fix it.